Showcasing the Heart of High-Performing Cultures


Project overview

CultureWise has steadily built a reputation for fostering high-performing cultures through its innovative Culture Operating System. The system has garnered a dedicated following of clients who have witnessed firsthand the positive shifts in their organizational cultures. Recognizing the potential of these authentic experiences, CultureWise sought to share these success stories in a way that would resonate with others and encourage them to explore the benefits for themselves.

We partnered with CultureWise to bring these stories to the forefront, focusing on the real and personal journeys of individuals within these organizations. Our approach was grounded in authenticity, aiming to create a genuine connection between the storytellers and the viewers, while respecting the original essence of each narrative.


Over a period of two years, we facilitated the sharing of experiences from select key clients, illustrating the integral role CultureWise played in the evolution of their culture initiatives. The project culminated in a series of videos that not only showcased more than 10 individual accounts but also painted a broader picture of the impact and success facilitated by CultureWise.

These videos became a valuable asset for the sales and marketing team, helping to increase conversions and sales year over year. They served as authentic testimonials to the transformative power of the CultureWise product, encouraging others to envision the potential for their own organizations.

Final VIDEOs

The videos below represent a sample of the stories the CultureWise sales and marketing team used to increase their prospecting and lead generation efforts on their website, social media, and 1:1 sales efforts.