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Messiah University
Higher - Education

Project overview

Over a fruitful three-year partnership, Vega Productions and Messiah University have embarked on a collaborative journey to craft 20+ video projects that resonate deeply with the university's core values and mission. This endeavor spanned a rich variety of content, including promotional videos for the athletics program, insightful glimpses into undergraduate and graduate studies, heartfelt fundraising narratives for the development office, and vibrant recap videos encapsulating the spirit of major events. Leveraging a profound understanding of Messiah's DNA, thanks to Rolando's personal history with the university, Vega Productions has been instrumental in translating the institution's essence into dynamic and professional video content.

The collaboration aimed to go beyond mere promotion, seeking to infuse each video with the authentic spirit of Messiah University, a task made seamless given Rolando's alumni status and deep-seated understanding of the university's ethos. This insider knowledge, coupled with Vega Productions' expertise, elevated the video content to a level that mirrored in-house production while introducing a fresh, professional perspective.


While the tangible impacts remain qualitative, the consistent video strategy emerging from this collaboration speaks volumes. It has fostered a steady stream of on-brand videos, breaking down silos across various departments and weaving a cohesive narrative that reflects the university's identity in a genuine, compelling manner. This strategy has not only facilitated a unified brand voice but has also set a foundation for a repository of content that stands testament to the university's commitment to excellence and its vibrant community spirit.

The projects leveraged a blend of Brand Story Videos and Testimonial Videos, each tailored to delve deep into the university's narrative landscape, offering viewers an authentic glimpse into the Messiah experience. This approach, grounded in a comprehensive video strategy, has endowed Messiah with a consistency and brand strengthening seldom seen in educational institutions of its size, paving the way for a richer, more connected narrative in the years to come. It's a testimony to the harmonious blend of in-depth organizational knowledge and the fresh perspective brought in by Vega Productions, a partnership that promises to continue enriching the Messiah story with authenticity and flair.

Final VIDEOs

The videos below are a just a handful of the 20+ videos Vega Productions has collaborated on with Messiah University.