Elevating Stories of Faith and Community

Princeton ALliance Church

Project overview

Princeton Alliance Church, an ethnically diverse congregation with a heart for community impact, sought to elevate their video content while ensuring it remained true to their unique tone and style. Over the past 5+ years, Vega Productions stepped in as a strategic partner, producing numerous videos annually for PAC. These videos ranged from life transformation stories and vision casting videos to fundraising and documentary-style content. The challenge was to maintain PAC's essence in every video, making each one "feel like PAC."

PAC's Experience

Understanding PAC's DNA and values was paramount. Vega Productions, with Rolando Vega's deep ties to PAC, became an almost in-house partner, offering the objectivity and network of an external agency. Navigating tight deadlines, budgets, and cultural sensitivities, the team crafted stories that resonated with PAC's diverse congregation. A significant part of the journey was creating a safe space for individuals to share deeply personal stories of faith, ensuring dignity and authenticity in every narrative.


While specific metrics are hard to pin down, the impact of these videos is evident in the community. For instance, a documentary on The Pantry at PAC, which supports over 500 families monthly, helped boost engagement and food donations. Giving Tuesday videos spotlighted PAC's partnerships with local non-profits, amplifying their community outreach efforts. The consistent storytelling, positive feedback from the congregation, and increased engagement underscore the videos' success in building and reinforcing the PAC brand.

Collaboration Highlights

The synergy between Vega Productions and PAC is rooted in shared values and history. Rolando Vega's past role as PAC's in-house video producer (2013-2017) laid a foundation of trust and understanding. This long-standing relationship, marked by mutual respect and dedication, has been instrumental in producing content that not only meets PAC's standards but also resonates deeply with its congregation.

VIDEO Samples

The videos below are a just a handful of the many videos Vega Productions has collaborated on with Princeton Alliance Church.