The Power of an Authentic Origin Story

Simon Sinek

Project overview

At the onset of Simon Sinek's journey to becoming a recognized thought leader through his "Start with Why" philosophy, his team partnered with Vega Productions. The mission was clear: to sift through a substantial amount of pre-recorded content and distill it into concise social media pieces that effectively narrate the authentic beginnings and milestones of Sinek's movement.

We took on the task with a focused approach, diving into hours of footage to find the moments that truly represented the heart of the "Start with Why" movement. The goal was to create content that was both genuine and engaging, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the philosophy and its real-world implications.


The outcome was a series of short-form videos that encapsulated various aspects of the "Start with Why" philosophy, touching upon topics from its inception to modern takes on leadership, politics, and the workplace environment.

These videos have not only garnered over 1 million views across multiple social platforms, but continue to be a relevant and appreciated part of Simon Sinek's content portfolio, showcasing the early and authentic narratives that laid the foundation for the movement.

Final Project

Below is the flagship video deliverable for the entire project, an origin story explaining how "The Why" was born.