The story of our COLLECTIVE

Learn more about our story, the dedicated team behind the lens, and the incredible clients that inspire our work. It's a candid snapshot of what makes Vega Productions tick.

Our story started over 10 years ago

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It all started with a student film...

Hey there! Let's take a little stroll down memory lane, back to over a decade ago. Picture a young Rolando Vega, our founder, in film school with several members of our creative collective. Back then, the dream was Hollywood. And boy did we go for it. Yeah, we're talking about the times of the award-winning short films "Palace" (2013), "Downward" (2014), and "Roller Coaster" (2015). Those films brought together many of the existing Vega Productions partners and collaborators within our community today. Founded officially in 2012, Vega Productions was a simple video production company brought to life by a bunch of friends who were just trying to figure out how to break into the film industry.

Now, we won't lie, the Hollywood dream was grand, but we found our groove doing something even cooler — diving into commercial and documentary work that lets us showcase real, raw stories.  It's all about sitting down with folks, hearing their tales, and bringing them to life through authentic, heartwarming videos. And guess what? This approach struck a chord, helping us carve out a space where we're not just creating videos but forging relationships and building a community that's all about sharing the human experience through a lens. So here we are, a group of aging millennials, still as passionate and excited to tell the your story, and provide you with “video solutions powered by human stories.”

Our team & Collaborators

We are a tight-knit crew of storytellers, each bringing a unique strength to the table. Meet the dedicated humans you're likely to encounter on your project journey.

Our Journey So Far

Spanning hundreds of projects and diverse collaborations, our journey showcases dedication, expertise, and the deep trust our clients place in us.

Human Stories

We've had the privilege of sitting down with hundreds of individuals, listening to their unique narratives, and capturing their essence on film. Each story is a testament to the power of authentic human connection.

Successful projects

With over 500 video projects under our belt, we've tackled a myriad of themes, styles, and narratives. Whether it's a short promo or an in-depth documentary, our commitment to quality and authenticity shines through in every frame.


From startups to established enterprises, we've collaborated with over 75 clients across diverse industries. Each partnership has enriched our experience, broadening our understanding of different sectors and their unique storytelling needs.

Years of experience

A decade in the industry has shaped us, honed our skills, and deepened our passion for storytelling. With every project, we bring a wealth of experience, ensuring that our clients' visions are brought to life with precision and flair.



Empowering businesses with videos that echo their ethos, we craft narratives that resonate with clients and teams alike, showcasing the corporate journey in the most authentic light.


Helping non-profits amplify their impact through heartfelt stories that connect deeply with donors and stakeholders, we bring your mission and vision to life, fostering a stronger community bond.


Supporting educational institutions in depicting their legacy and vision through videos that inspire. We craft stories that resonate with students, parents, and educators, highlighting the transformative power of education.


Assisting churches in sharing their spiritual journey through videos that touch the soul. We craft narratives that foster community, celebrate faith, and resonate with congregations, bringing spiritual narratives to life.

Our clients

We are proud to serve corporate, non-profit, education, and church clients that value our video solutions powered by human stories.

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