Andre Frueh

Andre Frueh

Cinematographer & Editor

About Andre

Andre is a seasoned cinematographer and editor hailing from Northern New Jersey. His artistic vision, inspired by his Christian faith, is committed to sharing empowering human stories that contribute to a brighter world. When he's not behind the camera, you'll likely find Andre indulging in his love for tacos or seeking outdoor adventures on hiking trails or mountain slopes.

Andre's experience

With 7 years in the industry, Andre has honed a cinematic storytelling approach that touches hearts and fosters a deep connection with audiences. His journey has seen collaborations with big names like Google and Ritas, where he has crafted short documentaries and promotional content that carry a powerful impact. It's this dedication to his craft that allows him to capture the essence of a story, creating content that is both engaging and profoundly emotional. Andre is also a proud alum of Messiah University, where he graduated with a BA in Digital Communications and Media in 2021, adding another film school graduate to the roster of talent at Vega Productions.