Brett Neal

Brett Neal

Director & Editor

About Brett Neal

Brett Neal, owner and founder of Story Wheelhouse, is a seasoned filmmaker and editor with over fifteen years in the industry. His deep-rooted passion for storytelling, especially within the non-profit sector, has led to a portfolio rich in intimate testimonials that connect with audiences. Beyond his technical expertise, Brett's strength lies in capturing the essence of a narrative and presenting it in a compelling manner.

Brett's experience

A graduate with a Masters of Digital Filmmaking from the University of Central Arkansas, Brett's journey in the world of video storytelling has been diverse and impactful. His collaboration with Rolando began back in 2013 when they both were doing video work for churches. Their shared passion for authentic storytelling formed a bond, and they've been teaming up on various projects ever since. At Story Wheelhouse, Brett continues to craft narratives that not only look great but also resonate deeply with viewers.