Larryon Truman

Larryon Truman

Video Director & Cam-Op

About Larryon Truman

With roots in the vibrant cultures of Nicaragua and Panama, Larryon is a New Jersey-based storyteller who brings a unique blend of cultural appreciation and linguistic versatility to his work. A graduate of Wheaton College, IL, with a degree in Communication: Media Studies, Larryon's passion for storytelling is enriched by his fluency in both English and Spanish, allowing him to connect deeply with diverse audiences. When he's not crafting narratives, Larryon can be found playing his guitar or engaging in a lively game of volleyball, activities that add an organic rhythm and genuine touch to his work.

Larryon's Experience

Throughout his career, Larryon has collaborated with a wide range of clients, from local initiatives to international projects. He specializes in documentary-style content, crafting narratives that not only inform but also deeply resonate with viewers. Whether capturing the serene beauty of the Eastern Shore or the dynamic pulse of East Coast cities, Larryon's work is always an invitation to explore, learn, and connect. His keen eye for detail and commitment to authenticity ensure that every visual he creates speaks directly to the heart, leaving a memorable impact on audiences.