Rolando Vega

Rolando Vega

Owner & Founder

About Rolando

Rolando is the kind of person who believes in the power of connections. Over the years, he’s met some incredibly talented people, forming a network of creative collaborators that have been the cornerstone in building Vega Productions. It’s all about understanding the journey and leveraging the personal narratives to craft something truly authentic.

Rolando's Experience

Rolando kicked off his career working for non-profits, helping them share their stories through video. It was a fulfilling role, one that taught him the ropes of video storytelling. Later, he dipped his toes in the world of business strategy and content marketing at a boutique brand strategy and design studio, picking up skills that would become invaluable in his journey.

Drawing from his indie filmmaking background, Rolando brings a touch of cinematic flair to Vega Productions, always aiming for that authentic connection that resonates with people. It’s not just about high production value; it’s about fostering a space where creatives can do their best work, where stories come to life in the most genuine way.

Education-wise, Rolando is a Messiah University alum, holding a BA in Film and Media Arts. And oh, he recently added an MBA in Strategic Leadership to his collection of achievements, because learning never stops, right?